Timișoara English Teachers’ Association is pleased to invite you to participate in the 20th National RATE Conference BRIGHTEN UP YOUR TEACHING!

Liceul de Artă “Ion Vidu”, Timișoara, 25th – 27th October, 2019

First call for papers and registrations
Are you suffering from burnout? Do you need a guiding light? Do you sometimes feel teaching has become a challenging task for you? Are your days gloomy and dark? Are you thinking about where to find a shining ray of light? Where do you take the inspiring spark from? 

Education is a priority in the 21st century. Teaching has become an ongoing quest both for young and experienced teachers. In a rough sea of information and technology teachers and students alike feel at a loss. What is the ideal set of skills they need for survival? What strategies are motivational in such a diverse environment? The educators of the 21st century are in need of creative solutions to respond to curriculum requirements and constant changes, to students’ needs and expectations in order to improve their skills and make things sparkle. 
The opportunity of teaching languages in a globalized world should be embraced. It has the power to mould minds and souls, to equip students for life. It helps overcome cultural differences and barriers, adapt to new situations, understand various backgrounds and encourage personal development. 
Broad themes of the conference (not limited to): 
- Tactics and strategies to lighten up your classes
- Media literacy in the classroom
- Creativity, art and innovation
- The 21st century educator
- Motivation in learning and teaching
Registration and fees:
Early bird (by 31st July 2019) - 170 RON
Late registration (by 20th September 2019) - 220 RON
Non-members pay extra 75 RON
To register for the conference please fill in the form at this link: conference registration form 
Participants who plan to deliver workshops are expected to register by 30th August 2019.

For accommodation here are some options participants may consider: Hotel Timișoara (4*) - 0256 498 852, Hotel Reghina Blue (4*) - 0256 407 299, Hotel Boavista (3*) - 0256 309 409, for budget travelers Hotel Reghina (3*) - 0 256 49 11 66, Hotel Central (2*) - 0256 490 091.They are all within walking distance from the venue.

Contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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